ECM titanium 2.2 in continuous evolution!

Thanks to the reports received from some of our customers, we have made several modifications that improve and resolve some possible issues on special functions of ECM Titanium.

ECM Titanium 2.2: the key to unlock your success!


Our developers have added a new algorithm that automatically adjusts the minimum conversion value, allowing the insertion of values in percent, using the interpolation function. This change was made because in some cases it wasn’t possible to include the desired percentage.

Map List Order

The function that allows you to rearrange the list of maps in the open driver has also been integrated.

Maps search with structure EDC/MED17

We have updated the mapping search function on EDC15-EDC16 structures, integrating the support for MED/EDC17 ECUs too.

ASCII blocks search

The sporadic problem of “ASCII Blocks” search, in the hexadecimal editor of a modified file, has also been solved.

ECM Titanium

ECM Titanium is the software that helps you, step by step, to perform the complex remapping work in a few simple steps. Contact us for more information!

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