Alientech ECM Titanium

Master ECU File Editing and Grow your Database

Raising the standard of remapping.

The recalibrations with ECM Titanium are astonishing in terms of processing simplicity and effectiveness in results. Versatile, reliable, and easy to use, it is compatible with files from every read of any vehicle: right from the first screen, you know where you are and what you can do.
Thanks to its structure, you can edit files by following three different paths, all leading to the same result: download a Driver from the Alientech database, work directly on the 2D graph or work through the 3D view to create your new calibration.

Work when and where you want.

With ECM Titanium, you can download the updated list of Drivers directly from the Alientech database;
they will be yours forever, and you can also use them offline, allowing you to recalibrate at any time. The peak in software portability is in the function of storing and saving all the files on the ECM Titanium Dongle.
Thanks to this feature, you will always have the files inside the dongle at your fingertips to work on any PC! Select the stored original file to find all the modified files created and associated. The goal is to provide you with always available software, which you can use online and offline according to your preferences. You decide how to manage our work; we give you the right tool.

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ECM Titanium



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ECM Titanium Features


The driver search is the exclusive feature that will allow you to automatically find all the necessary info to remap the original file you loaded in ECM Titanium.

Drivers offer you an organized and powerful interface for creating and managing projects for the modified files in ECM Titanium.

After reading the file stored in the memory of the ECU, all you have to do is upload the file and the software starts a search for the presence of compatible drivers both in your database and data bank online.

Now, thanks to the studies of our developers, the software allows you to directly work on main sections: air control, torque, fuel-injection system, rail, turbo and many other variants are at your disposal

MAP List

In the section dedicated to the map list you will find all the necessary information to manage at your best any kind of ECU and TCU. Maps are divided in categories like: intake control, advance, turbo, engine torque, limiters and deactivations. Beside the map categories, you will also find all the available unit of measurement for each single function.

3D View

The new 3D graphics engine allows you to interact with the map data in the driver. You can zoom, rotate and act on the values directly from the graphics window.

2D View

Data is processed in 2D. Through this graphical display you can search and optimise the data in the engine control unit, and act on a single map contained in the driver, on a single byte or on any map or data within the file. You will be able to modify any parameter in the loaded map. And thanks to the feature Memo addresses you can save the addresses of the maps so that you will easily find them again later.


Thanks to the new and powerful database of ECM Titanium, you can store and use your original and modified files at the right time. Each file uploaded or created is catalogued in an orderly and intuitive way, so that you can recover your files and apply changes to a new one in the blink of an eye.