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Elevate your KESS3 Master Tool’s capabilities with our Protocols-Only Product Activation, designed to extend your tuning reach across various vehicle sectors and modalities. This targeted activation service empowers your KESS3 Master Tool, enabling it to communicate and modify various systems via OBD and Bench-Boot modes.

Online Activation Process: After selecting and purchasing your desired protocols, the activation process commences online, integrating seamlessly with your existing KESS3 setup. This process is designed to be straightforward and efficient, with protocol activation typically completed within 48 hours, minimizing downtime and accelerating your access to enhanced tuning capabilities.

Available Protocol Categories:

  • Car – LCV OBD Protocols Activation: Expand your tuning capabilities within the automotive and light commercial vehicle sectors via OBD, catering to a broad spectrum of makes and models.
  • Bike – ATV & UTV OBD Protocols Activation: Dive into the dynamic world of motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs, accessing specialized OBD protocols tailored for two-wheel and off-road vehicles.
  • Agriculture—Truck & Buses OBD Protocols Activation: This protocol addresses the intricate systems of agricultural machinery, trucks, and buses, enabling comprehensive OBD tuning solutions for larger engines and vehicles.
  • Marine & PWC OBD Protocols Activation: Enhance your service offerings in the marine sector, tuning personal watercraft and boats with precision OBD protocols.
  • Car—LCV Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: Access advanced-level tuning for cars and light commercial vehicles via Bench-Boot protocols, which facilitate deeper modifications and optimizations.
  • Bike – ATV & UTV Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: Specialize further in the tuning of bikes, ATVs, and UTVs with Bench-Boot protocols, providing you with the tools for intricate engine and performance tweaks.
  • Agriculture – Truck & Buses Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: Engage with the heavy-duty sector, applying Bench-Boot protocols for agricultural, truck, and bus applications, ensuring robust tuning across various large-scale vehicles.
  • Marine & PWC Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: Expand your tuning expertise into the marine world, utilizing Bench-Boot protocols for detailed adjustments in marine and personal watercraft engines.

Each protocol activation enhances your KESS3 Master’s versatility, allowing you to cater to a more diverse client base and tackle a wider range of tuning challenges. Optimize your tuning tool’s potential and ensure it remains a vital, up-to-date asset in your automotive service offerings.