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ECU and TCU programming via OBD, boot and bench.
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Introducing the KESS3 Master Tool, your premier vehicle and watercraft tuning solution. This top-tier tuning device is designed to provide unparalleled flexibility and control in engine and transmission calibration. It is engineered for professionals seeking comprehensive access and editing capabilities across various vehicle manufacturers and models.

Enhanced Capabilities with ECM Titanium:

In an exclusive promotional combo, the KESS3 Master Tool can now be bundled with the ECM Titanium editing software, unlocking unlimited driver download credits. This integration empowers you to read and write tuning files and modify them with precision, using an extensive database of drivers that ensure compatibility and efficiency.

Streamlined Upgrade Path for KESS3 Slave Users:

For current KESS3 Slave users contemplating an upgrade, the transition to a Master unit is straightforward and cost-effective. We offer an online conversion service that elevates your Slave tool to Master status, unlocking its full potential without the need for additional hardware. Contact us to initiate the upgrade and significantly enhance your tuning capabilities.

Available Protocol Categories:

  • Car – LCV OBD Protocols Activation: Expand your tuning capabilities within the automotive and light commercial vehicle sectors via OBD, catering to a broad spectrum of makes and models.
  • Bike – ATV & UTV OBD Protocols Activation: Dive into the dynamic world of motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs, accessing specialized OBD protocols tailored for two-wheel and off-road vehicles.
  • Agriculture—Truck & Buses OBD Protocols Activation: This protocol addresses the intricate systems of agricultural machinery, trucks, and buses, enabling comprehensive OBD tuning solutions for larger engines and vehicles.
  • Marine & PWC OBD Protocols Activation: Enhance your service offerings in the marine sector, tuning personal watercraft and boats with precision OBD protocols.
  • Car—LCV Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: Access advanced-level tuning for cars and light commercial vehicles via Bench-Boot protocols, which facilitate deeper modifications and optimizations.
  • Bike – ATV & UTV Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: Specialize further in the tuning of bikes, ATVs, and UTVs with Bench-Boot protocols, providing you with the tools for intricate engine and performance tweaks.
  • Agriculture – Truck & Buses Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: Engage with the heavy-duty sector, applying Bench-Boot protocols for agricultural, truck, and bus applications, ensuring robust tuning across various large-scale vehicles.
  • Marine & PWC Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: Expand your tuning expertise into the marine world, utilizing Bench-Boot protocols for detailed adjustments in marine and personal watercraft engines.


KESS3 Master Tool Case Contents:

  • USB Cable: Ensures a stable and reliable PC connection, facilitating efficient data transfers and software operations.
  • Innovative OBD Cable: This cutting-edge cable simplifies connectivity, replacing multiple wires with a single solution compatible with brands such as Honda, Volvo, Lotus, and Toyota, reflecting a significant advancement from the previous KESSv2.
  • 1400SWALIM Power Supply: This supply delivers the precise power required for effective ECU communication, maintaining stability and safety during the tuning process.
  • 144300TALI Cable: This cable allows for bench power supply connectivity, which is critical for direct ECU interactions during bench testing (note: the power supply is sold separately).
  • 144300KBNC Cable: Facilitates direct bench communication with ECUs, crucial for detailed tuning and diagnostics.
  • 144300KTER Pack: A comprehensive set of cables supporting BENCH and BOOT mode connections, enhancing your connection versatility.

Rainbow Cable Assortment:

    • 144300T104 (IDC 26-10): Offers 10-wire direct board connection.
    • 144300T105 (IDC 26-16): Features 16 wires for broader ECU board interfacing.
    • 144300T106 (IDC 26-26): The most extensive connection with 26 wires, ensuring maximum ECU board connectivity.

With the KESS3 Master Tool, you’re not just acquiring a tuning device but investing in a future-proof solution that adapts to the evolving landscape of automotive tuning. Whether refining engine parameters, optimizing transmission settings, or leveraging advanced software for file editing, the KESS3 Master positions you at the forefront of the tuning industry.

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KESS3 Master – Car – LCV OBD Protocols activation, KESS3 Master – Bike – ATV & UTV OBD Protocols activation, KESS3 Master – Agriculture – Truck & Buses OBD Protocols activation, KESS3 Master – Marine & PWC OBD Protocols activation, KESS3 Master – Car – LCV Bench-Boot Protocols activation, KESS3 Master – Bike – ATV & UTV Bench-Boot Protocols activation, KESS3 Master – Agriculture – Truck & Buses Bench-Boot Protocols activation, KESS3 Master – Marine & PWC Bench-Boot Protocols activation

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