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ECU and TCU programming via OBD, Boot and Bench.
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Unlock unparalleled tuning capabilities with the KESS3 Slave unit, your comprehensive solution for modifying and optimizing vehicle performance. The KESS3’s Slave protocol selection is a cornerstone feature, allowing the software to interface seamlessly with various vehicles and watercraft. These protocols are key to accessing and tuning a diverse range of models, each tailored to specific ECU manufacturers. While you can enhance your tool’s versatility by adding and activating additional protocols at any time, initiating your KESS3 Slave unit requires the selection of at least one protocol. For those requiring only the hardware without initial protocol activation, please get in touch with us directly via email.

KESS3 Slave tool is an essential solution tailored for workshops and tuners looking to align their services with a master tuner’s protocols and files. The tool is designed to operate under the guidance of a designated master, allowing for the reception and application of tuning files and protocols sourced directly from the master’s database. This setup is particularly beneficial for up-and-coming tuners or workshops that prefer to leverage the expertise and established tuning libraries of industry leaders while maintaining the flexibility to manage day-to-day operations and client interactions independently.

The KESS3 Slave tool is an excellent way for less experienced technicians to learn the intricacies of ECU tuning under the mentorship of a more seasoned professional without the immediate need for a comprehensive database or deep technical knowledge. It streamlines the process of file sharing and updates, ensuring that slave users have access to the latest and most effective tuning solutions. Moreover, the slave tool setup fosters a collaborative environment, promoting growth and learning within the tuning community while offering the end-user top-notch, reliable tuning services.

Available Protocol Categories:

  • Car – LCV OBD Protocols Activation: Expand your tuning capabilities within the automotive and light commercial vehicle sectors via OBD, catering to a broad spectrum of makes and models.
  • Bike – ATV & UTV OBD Protocols Activation: Dive into the dynamic world of motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs, accessing specialized OBD protocols tailored for two-wheel and off-road vehicles.
  • Agriculture—Truck & Buses OBD Protocols Activation: This protocol addresses the intricate systems of agricultural machinery, trucks, and buses, enabling comprehensive OBD tuning solutions for larger engines and vehicles.
  • Marine & PWC OBD Protocols Activation: Enhance your service offerings in the marine sector, tuning personal watercraft and boats with precision OBD protocols.
  • Car—LCV Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: Access advanced-level tuning for cars and light commercial vehicles via Bench-Boot protocols, which facilitate deeper modifications and optimizations.
  • Bike – ATV & UTV Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: Specialize further in the tuning of bikes, ATVs, and UTVs with Bench-Boot protocols, providing you with the tools for intricate engine and performance tweaks.
  • Agriculture – Truck & Buses Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: Engage with the heavy-duty sector, applying Bench-Boot protocols for agricultural, truck, and bus applications, ensuring robust tuning across various large-scale vehicles.
  • Marine & PWC Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: Expand your tuning expertise into the marine world, utilizing Bench-Boot protocols for detailed adjustments in marine and personal watercraft engines.


Included Case Contents:

  • USB Cable: This cable establishes a reliable connection between your KESS3 unit and PC, ensuring seamless data transmission and interface.
  • Innovative OBD Cable: This next-generation cable consolidates multiple communication lines, traditionally required for different car manufacturers, into a single, efficient interface. Notably, it supports specialized communication with brands like Honda, Volvo, Lotus, and Toyota, streamlining your tuning process.
  • 1400SWALIM Power Supply: This power supply ensures stable, secure operations during the tuning process and is engineered to deliver the precise current and voltage needed for effective communication with various electronic control units (ECUs).
  • 144300TALI Cable: This cable is designed to power your KESS3 instrument via an external bench power supply (note: the power supply is sold separately). It is essential for bench testing and direct ECU interaction.
  • 144300KBNC Cable: This cable facilitates direct communication with control units on the bench, enhancing your capability for detailed technical modifications and diagnostics.
  • 144300KTER Pack: A comprehensive collection of essential cables, this pack supports BENCH and BOOT mode connections, offering versatile adaptability for various tuning scenarios.

Rainbow Cables:

    • 144300T104 (IDC 26-10) is a 10-wire cable for direct connection to the ECU’s electronic board.
    • 144300T105 (IDC 26-16): A 16-wire variant providing broader connectivity options for comprehensive ECU access.
    • 144300T106 (IDC 26-26): This is the most extensive 26-wire cable, ensuring maximum interface capability with the ECU board.

By selecting KESS3, you invest in the pinnacle of tuning technology, designed to elevate your vehicle tuning service to the highest level of industry excellence.

Additional information

Moving to KESS3 Master

The KESS3 Slave tool operates with a unique protocol where the files received from the master are encrypted, ensuring exclusive usability within the slave-master framework. This encryption is pivotal for maintaining the integrity and proprietary value of the master's tuning files. However, it's crucial for users of the slave tool to understand that these encrypted files are not editable or reusable outside of this specific relationship. Consequently, for tuners contemplating a transition to a master tool in the future, it's imperative to consider this move sooner rather than later.

Making the switch to a master tool early in your tuning career not only facilitates the development of your own comprehensive file database but also empowers you with the freedom to edit, adapt, and directly apply these files according to your specific tuning needs and strategies. Building your own database from the outset fosters a deeper understanding of file structures and tuning nuances, laying a solid foundation for advanced, independent work. For professionals aiming to establish a significant presence in the tuning industry, initiating as a master provides a strategic advantage, enabling you to cultivate an extensive, versatile, and personalized tuning portfolio from day one.