Eric Ebert

Founder - Master Tuner
Brief info

Eric Ebert’s knowledge about performance tuning is unrivalled. Highly regarded in Australia for his tuning mastery, Eric has been evolving the performance of vehicles for over 15 years. He was passionate about cars from a very early age and had an innate curiosity to understand how they worked and how to make them go faster. He first qualified as a mechanic in 2006, and this was just the start of his journey to evolve the art and science of tuning.

– 15 years’ industry experience
– Qualified mechanic
– Business owner
– Qualified and authorised Alientech trainer

Initially tuning petrol engines, Eric’s expertise grew to encompass all petrol and diesel vehicles, including trucks and other agricultural vehicles. He was soon known for his leading abilities with flash and chip tuning, performance upgrades and ECU mapping.

Eric has been an Alientech convert since 2010 and has amassed an exceptional level of expertise about this technology. He has worked professionally with ZUCE co-founder, Glen Hadden, since the beginning of his career. Together, Eric and Glen recognised that there was a real market need for making Alientech more accessible and relevant to Australian businesses and mechanics. They founded ZUCE to do just that.

Now, Eric oversees all aspects of ZUCE. He applies his hands-on teaching approach to equip technicians with relevant skills that are applicable to their specific needs. Whether he’s training beginners or advanced tuners from high-performance auto businesses, Eric’s focus is always on helping them access, learn and apply the world’s best tuning technology.